Foam kemono style base

Image of Foam kemono style base

****ATTENTION: All foam base orders will take up to THREE weeks to create plus shipping time. Please assume your order will take the maximum time to process and plan accordingly when ordering.****


This listing is for one large kemono style foam base to make your own fursuit or mascot costume. While this was designed with kemono (Japanese style) in mind, it could be used for other large eyed critters like rabbits, small dogs, and even pop figure cosplays. The attached nose is a bit larger than most kemono bases to account for fur pile and allow it to be carved down if desired.

I recommend installing 2.5'' or 3'' cabochons for eyes with vision mesh in the tear duct area. For non-following eyes use flat glass cabochons; for following eyes use half round acrylic cabochons. You can also use traditional toony eyes with painted mesh instead of cabochons if you choose!

Cutting along the guidelines in the corners of the mouth will allow you to make a moving jaw or prop open mouth for a permanent expression and airflow.


Width across back: 11 3/4''
Height across back: 12''
Due to size this design is only available as foam, not resin.


Things to know about expanding foam bases:

-You'll need to hollow and cut them apart yourself, I don't offer a cut option.

-They will fit just about any head size depending on how you cut/hollow it out. I really recommend cutting it apart and gluing it to a balaclava sized to fit your head.

-Foam bases have tiny bubbles all over and often larger ones and loose or missing "skin" towards the edges - it is foam after all! Air pockets or thin areas behind the eye sockets and tear ducts are normal and will not cause issues as this gets cut out. Any bases that major issues will be in my clearance section at a discounted rate.


A note on shipping:
Bases are sent via priority mail in the USA. A single base by itself is sent via first class mail internationally, but if you buy multiple bases it will be sent priority instead due to the larger size of the box.

Please let me know if you have any questions! :)