Feather Lite add-on for lightweight resin castings that float!

Image of Feather Lite add-on for lightweight resin castings that float!

Are you wanting a lighter resin base? My resin bases are pretty light to begin with (roughly 1lb 4 - 6oz uncut), but switching to Feather Lite resin cuts off about 6 oz. The cut and hinged bases I've experimented with weigh around 1lb with the hinges and hardware attached. It's a noticeable difference when you pick it up! I haven't tested it with the hinges attached, but uncut bases float in water.

If you want to have your resin base cast with this material, add this listing to your cart along with the desired base. I don't recommend using this for the gryphon because this type of resin is prone to tiny bubbles on the outside, which might not be great for beaks. The three outside layers will be cast with Feather Lite, and the inner black layer will be normal resin. This resin is very difficult to slush cast and takes nearly twice as long to do so, hence the extra price.

All weight guesses are approximate. Bases are cast by hand and can vary in thickness and weight a little bit as a result. Please ask if you have any questions, thanks for looking! :)