DIY semi-realistic rat mouse resin base mask for animal costumes, fursuits, and mascot costumes

Image of DIY semi-realistic rat mouse resin base mask for animal costumes, fursuits, and mascot costumes

****ATTENTION: All resin base orders will take up to THREE weeks to create plus shipping time. Please assume your order will take the maximum time to process and plan accordingly when ordering.****


Please Note: The large flat muzzle doesn't allow for as good of vision from the front as other bases, so you may want to widen the tear ducts if you prefer excellent vision vs aesthetics.

Matching Parts:

Alternative nose:

Rat hand paws:

Rat feet pads:

Vision mesh:

Realistic eyes:



This listing is for an unfinished DIY plastic resin mask that can be used to create your own semi-realistic rat mask or costume head. Mask is very lightweight with a white outer layer and a black inner coating. Eyes are intentionally forward facing for my project, but they can be tilted by adding foam or epoxy under the eyes. Nose is sticking out to account for fur pile.

The mask takes very well to paint, hotglue, fur, etc. It was made to fit up to 24'' around the forehead and nearly 27 - 28'' vertically around your head and underneath your chin (GREAT for those with larger heads). If you have a small head keep in mind that you may need a LOT of padding for a snug fit. The size can be adjusted by heating the edges and **gently** pulling them outward with an oven mitt. Please check measurements before ordering; I do not accept returns.

A uncut base will look like the first set of photos with nothing cut out. If you choose the "cut" option the eyes and jawline will be cut. A hinge with elastic will be added on the edges so the lower jaw moves with your mouth when you talk - a really cool effect! By default the mask is set up for a v-hinge, but it can be modified with epoxy to work with a straight hinge. You will need to add the tear duct mesh, eyes, etc. Please be careful when using any tools, I will not take responsibility for any injuries.

Thank you for looking!